One Week Stay in Ribeira Grande,

Sao Miguel, Acores

The Azores are becoming one of the new hot destinations for travelers from around the world. Thanks to the generous of As Casas da Ribeira, we are able to offer a week stay in Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel as your gateway to exploring Sao Miguel island, as well as the rest of the Azores. As Casas da Ribeira Grande offers modern accommodations with all the expected services for your relaxing stay.

Hiking, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, cultural events, museums, and excellent foods and drinks await you as step out of your house.

As Casas da Ribeira Grande (Click here)

Garden in center of Ribeira Grande.

Lagoa do Fogo nature preserve outside Ribeira Grand.

Caldeira Velha: Hot waterfall just outside Riberia Grande.

Enjoy an incredible meal cooked inside a volcanic caldeira!

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